Sif Greenleaf

Character InfoEdit

Name: Sif Greenleaf

Age: 22

Type of magic: Take-Over

Team: None Yet

My Class: Average
  • Take Over Magic: Divine Angel Knight
  • Take Over Magic: Arc Angel of Shadows

My Past: 

Sif is a far cousin of Lisanna, Mirajane and Elfman and was born in a small town in Edolas, where her parents moved years ago to help peace being restored. Her parents were bounty hunters who devoted their lives to round up dark guilds and destroying Dark Magic.

From a young age, Sif discovered her magical talents and skills at working with lacrima, christals used to store magic and power spells (in Edolas magic isn’t stored in a person’s body but in lacrima , that’s why Sif wears a headband holding one). When she turned 18, her parents let her join missions and quickly she became one of the fiercest bounty hunters Edolas has ever seen. Eventually Edolas knew two years of peace and prosperity.

That didn’t last.

Somewhere on the border of Edolas, a dark guild was hidden, waiting to make their move. Suddenly, unexpected, the sky went black and the guild attacked the village Sif and her parents lived in. For three days on end, she, her parents and every last mage left defended the village until their last breath. Unable to defeat the village, the Dark Guild’s master cast a spell to rip the world apart and tear the mages from their magic. It happened in a flash: one moment Sif was fighting alongside her mother against a horde of wizards, the next she awoke in a flowery meadow surrounded by trees and bathed in sunlight. Slowly realizing she wasn´t in Edolas anymore, she panicked and desperately tried to get back. But how much she tried, it was useless. She couldn´t remember the name of the guild she fought, nor the spell that was cast. All she knew that she was away from Edolas, away from her parents, away from her people, and that they propably were being slaughtered by the guild. Eventually she fell asleep from exhaustion and sorrow.

Slowly accepting the fact she couldn´t go home and that there probably wasn´t an Edolas anymore, Sif wandered the lands for two years, doing bounty hunting work and aiding citizens in need. Eventually she wandered into a city where a guild was located. She wasn’t interested to join this "Dragon Tail" guild at first, but it was her dream to ever return to Edolas to learn its fate and that of her parents. She was also seeking revenge and a guild could provide the necessary information. Finally taking a decision, she walked in to take a look.

She never left.