Rules in generalEdit

- When joining the Islands room or Guild room, please change your avatar to your Dragon Tail's character  outfit as soon as your loaded or put it on before entering the room.

- No weapons. Unless it's part of you magic type but it needs approval wich you will get from the Guild Master.

- Out of RP talk with brackets. Like this: ((hey all)).

- Only active people. If you are gone for a while let the guild master KuroHasu know the reason why.

Rules in RpEdit

- When entering the room, write an opening/enterance post.

- Every new member needs to start from the beginning. No one can be a S-Class mage at start. You will need to prove your skills to the Guild Master to get S-Class and not everyone will be able to.

- No Killing other guild members.

- Official "jobs" to Rp will be posted on here. Can only be done by one team or character.

- Ask the Guild Master before forming a team. When in a team that will stay your team.

- Dead = Dead

- Only the Guild Master knows and can teach the grand Dragon Tail spells.

- DONT godmod

- No begging the guild master for things.