This is the first log ever so its pretty long.. It's basically about Sif, Phoebe and Hydra joining the guild. Also Phoebe and Hydra have their first time sparring. After that they have some fun and after a while Kuro and Hydra talk about the past and stuff.

xPhoebeDrOnyx: -Phoebe stands infront of the huge doors and swallows. She always wanted to join a guild and she had decided a long time ago that it was going to be 'Dragon Tail'. In full courage she had started her journey but now she actually stood infront of those doors she started to doubt herself a little. Would she be good enough to join the guild? Would she make a fool of herself showing her powers? Because compared to the powers of her grandmother she was still a rooky. Carefully she touched the swords on her back which she knew she had to be carefull with as she couldnt get them back yet with the powers she possed at that very moment and knowing herself she could lose stuff from herself. For a moment she looked at her feet and swallowed again, then pushed herself over her hesitation and carefully knocked on the doors-
KuroHasu: -Kuro is working in his small but nice office, making a database for when he would have anyone who wants to become a guildmember of Dragon Tail, his own founded guild wich he's proud of. As he is working he hears soft knocking on the door, so he decides to see who's knocking. Will it be his first ever member? He leaves his office and walks to the frontdoors. When he opens them he see's a young lady with blades on her back. He noticed she's a bit nervous so he looks at her and smiles friendly- "Hello there, can i help you with something?" -Kuro asked politely-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -Phoebe looked up as she saw a man appear in the doorway. She had seen him before as she wandred around the guild before she decided to show up so he must be the guild master, which made her a little more nervous. She tapped her heels against eachother, squeezed her eyes shut then opened them, looked up and tried to be as calm as possible trying not to make her voice shivver to badly- "I would like to join your guild if you wouldnt mind me applying for a spot in the guild?" -Again she looked away but forced herself to look back as she didn't want to seem scared or anything which she thought might make him decide not to let her apply-
KuroHasu: -Kuro looked at the girl, still with a friendly look on his face. Somehow she seemed familiar but he couldn't figure out why so. Did she ever pass him on the street? Is she family of someone he met on his journey? As the girl asked him to join and apply for a spot in guild, he smiled friendly while stepping aside and holding the door open.- "Feel free to come in and we'll talk about applying at the bar." -He turns around walking to the bar, hoping she would follow. He stopt behind the bar and makes drinks for the both of them, handing one to her when she comes-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she nodded as she heard him tell her to come in and immediately she felt more confident hearing the friendly thone in his voice. She stood up more straight and walked in after him seeing the inside of the guild her eyes widened a little the smile on her face growing more as it looked just like she imagened it to be. At the bar she easily jumped on one of the chairs watching him make two drinks and takes one from him when he handed one to her and thanked him for it as she looked at him tilting her head a little as there was something about his face that was familiar to her-
KuroHasu: -He looked at her and smiles as he noticed she's getting more comfortable being here. He stands in front of her with his own drink. When she tilts her head he wonders what she's thinking, but then focusses again on her wish to apply.- "So, what brings you to Dragon Tail of all guilds? Spots enough since we just started but i was wondering" -He sips his drink and looks at her.-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she didnt expect Dragon Tail to be a guild that just started, but it make her more feel at ease as she didnt have to compare herself to anyone else who would be an older memeber. She wanted to tell about her grandparents and their guild of which Dragon Tail's name was like their old guild, but she decided not to as she didnt want alot of people to know about her grandparents, she wanted to get the attention of them by joining a guild herself. Maybe that would make them more safe as she would be the focus of the Scarlet family. For a moment she looked at her drink, then looks back up as she answered- "Well, family of mine was in a guild aswell and I hope to be just as succesfull as them or even more and their stories made me want to join a guild aswell, but i didn't want to be compared with them so that is way I wanted to join another guild and this one seems very nice."
xPhoebeDrOnyx: made*
xPhoebeDrOnyx: off*
KuroHasu: -he nods as hears her telling about familly and guilds. When looking at his drink he is wondering about what guild she was talking, but then quickly looks back at her cause he doesnt want to give her the impression he's not listening 'cause he is listening. He sips his drink again as he replies to her.- "Ah i see.. Well, you are at the right place here and i'll be happy to help with anything you need help with. I assume what our motto is? Since you seem to have done your research before coming here. It has to do with my past, de descission to create this guild but that's a very long story." -He looks at her daggers as he is wondering if he should ever let guild members know about his past.-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -Suddenly she remembered what was so familiar about his face. Her grandfather has the same mark as he has. The image of the resemblance of the marks made her put her hand infront of her mouth hiding it in case her jaw would drop. Quickly she shook it off from her as she held her goal clear to her. If she ever wanted to see them again she had to become succesfull. She kept on smiling as she heard him talk that he wanted to help her with anything she would need and immediately she thought about training about the stuff she couldnt do yet, the stuff her grandparents couldnt teach her before they had to flee. Also she saw him look at her dual swords and tilted her head to her other shoulder- "You re a very kind guildmaster and I am very glad to have come here. My motto has to do with my past aswell, but all I can tell now is that i have to become stronger. It is not that I only want to but i just have to." -For a moment she looked away as she tried not to lose her smile-
KuroHasu: -He wonders whats wrong as he noticed she held her hand over her mouth, but then decides to shake that thought off and not ask about it. He wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable with talking about the past and such things. He wouldnt want to talk about his horrible past either, as soon as he thought about his own past he starts to miss his brother and his parents agin. Hiding his emotions from the girl he listens to what she said.- "I see. Well, I'm glad i am a very kind guildmaster. Thank you. When there will be others im sure they'd help you just like me. But for now youre the only member." -he laughs a bit nervously since he has never done this before, but then realizes he hasn't showed her around yet.- "How about a quick tour to show you around?"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She nods as he offers her a tour around. She didnt mind that she was the only member for now because that way she could get used to her new environment and then get used to new people. And at the same time she felt more at ease in the guild as all the questions and doubts she had disappeared. Also she was glad to hear that others would probably want to help her too which maybe would make her time to train much shorter as she did miss her grandparents. Slowly she stood up from the barstool -
KuroHasu: -He walks over to her as she nods and stands up. First he shows her the main room where also the bar is. He explains that this is where all new and older members can relax and have fun at the stage. That they even might have open mic nights and contests. Then he opens the doors behind the stage and explains to her that it's the room for the S-class mage's to sit, a special place with higher ranked jobs and magic books. And that she can always try to become S-class. Then he takes her back to the bar and shows her his office in the small room behind it.- "and last but not least.. this is my office. You can always find me here if you wont see me in the main room. Also you can come and ask me for research books on magic types. Do you have any questions for me, about the guild or anything? Feel free to ask before i grand you the guild mark." -He once again smiled friendly at her.-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She was amazed by all the things she saw about the guild. She grinned a little s she saw the stage remembering that she used to sing alot at home and in the workingplace of her parents. When they were making the swords, daggers and other sorts of weapons, she would entertain them by singing while she would be playing with one of the new made swords or daggers. Most of the time she would forget that she was singing and blush heavily when someone reminded her of it, which made her doubt now if she would join in with karaoke. Also she got very inspired to become stronger as there as a whole room dedicated for the stronger ones of the guild. She kept looking around thinking to herself if she had any questions yet and indeed one popped up.- "I like it here already and yes i have a question. Where do guild members live? Do they have a house or apartment of their own or are they staying at the guild?"
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KuroHasu: -He smiles brightly as she told him she already likes it here.- "That indeed is a good question. Well i only have room for a few members to stay at the guild itself but next door there are appartments that are specially for the members. So since youre the first member you can make a choice."
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She thinks for a moment as both choises sound very nice. At one point she would like to stay at the guild to get more to the training or learning or just being around. On the other hand she would like to be at other places too. She crossed her arms infront of her chest and closed her eyes as she tilted her chin more to her chest while she thought, but keeping her attention to her hearing as she was taught to do if something unexpected might happen. Yet she couldnt decide so another question popped up- "Is it okay to change a choise once made about where to live?"
KuroHasu: -He watches her think and noticed she is still focussed on her surroundings as he waits for her to reply. He leans on one leg a bit more then the other and he crosses his arms as well. Then he listens to her new question as he replies friendly.- "That is possible as long as there is still room in here of course. You don't need to decide right on the spot, 'cause i'd like to give people time to think about it before deciding. So would you still like to join the guild and get the mark?"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She nods as she smiles brightly again feeling all her nervs disappear feeling joy as she found a place in the guild where she wanted to be and answers- "I would like to join very much, yes. And I think that I would like to live here at the guild which seems to me its also very nice to be living." -Actually she didn't like to live in a strange house with possible alot of other people, though that wouldn't be a concern later as she would get to know others too. -
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra opens the door of the guild after he is knokt on it he sees that the guild has just opent and dos not have mutch members yet he walks in and secrese the bilding for the guild master as he sees all the bacnches and tabels he notses all the wall decorasions als he go's tho the bar and asks the man behind the bar where the guild master is as he notches a femel on asitting at the bar and waves 2 her he sees she has long black hair and has a sword on her olso wairing jello/brouwn cloths as -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She waves back at the newcommer as she looks at him with widened eyes wondering how he could just walk in and ask for the guildmaster like that. Though she haven't seen somone with such guts in a while she decided to stay quiet and watch what would happen-
KuroHasu: -He looks at her as he is making ready to grand her the guild mark.- "Well then, im glad to hear you'd like to join. And i'll make sure everything is ready for you to stay here." -as he closes his eyes and lays his hand on her shoulder, granding her the mark, a question pops up in his mind- "There you go, your guild mark is done. What i was wondering.. What type of magic do you use?" -He noticed the newcomer who just sat down at the bar and turns to him.- "You are speaking to the master now. How can i help you?" -He asked the newcomer friendly-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she hesistated a little before answering but now that she would become a member of the guild it wouldnt be a danger to tell more about herself. She sat up a little as she was proud of her magic and spoke with the same pride in her voice- "I use requip magic. I am trained in it a little though not enough. with that i have other skills at hiding and making sure others can't notice me around"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -he looks 2 the man behind the bar he asks him nicely guildmaster i would like 2 join ure guild if thats possbele i aw a flyer in town that ure serching for members so i tought let me go take look overthere weven as i walkt in i tought thiss guild woulf be awsome 2 start my adventure as a jong magic user i came from not fare here so i was just passing trough wen i saw ure flayer and dicesed 2 pay you a lil visst wen i came in i feld home in an instand -
KuroHasu: -he turns to the girl a bit and smiles.- "That really seems to suit you, and i couldnt help but notice the pretty swords there. Anyway welcome to the guild. One moment ill help the newcomer out." -He turns back to him- "Well, first of all thank you for the visit. And thats right, we just started and i have only one member so far. Anyway are there any things you'd like to know before joining?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he asks the guild master yeah hows the booze here -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She couldnt stop smiling as she heard the compliment and had to control herself not to clap her hands of happiness and sat gracefully on the barstool watching the guild master talk to the newcommer and grinned widely hearing him ask for booze shaking her head a little trying to to chuckle-
KuroHasu: -he gets suprised by a question like that but awnsers anyway.- "Why dont you find out yourself?" - He makes as drink for him as well and hands it to him- "Any more question? About the guild? or just for me?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he taks the drink onlie one thing do i get a own room here becouse im kinda homeless as he takes a sip of his drink wow thiss is the good stuff -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She looks more to the newcommer as she notices that he is asking for a room in the guild aswell and she tries to examen him a little to what kind of person he is without having to ask-
KuroHasu: -He laughs a bit as he heard his booze is good.- "Oke, well there is still room here so i'll make sure its ready for your stay. So what kind of magic you use? And would you like me to show you around or the other member if she'd like to do that since i already gave her the tour around." -He prepares once again for granding the mark after everything is settled-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She hears the guild master ask her if she would give the tour but she shakes her head as she would like to gather more info bout the newcommer just by looking at what he does and says and she answers- Nah, maybe I'll walk with again to make sure that I know to find everything here
KuroHasu: -He smiles at her.- "oke that's fine with me. Feel free to ask anything if needed"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She nods wiggling her feet back and forth a little as she watches them both- "I will do so and thanks again for letting me join" - She said with a happy smile-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he tells the master im a fire dragonslyer i have bin traind bij my grand father he is natsu dragoneel from fairy tail i think you heard of him master as he drinks his drink is the hardes time of my life but i past his trianing afterthat i heald up and left on my jerny 2 town as i adit up over here -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -Her eyes widen as she hears the name of Natsu. She wishes she could tell the guy about her family as her grandmother and father certainly would know this guy's grandfather, but she decides not to say anything about it. She has to protect them no matter what and she can't be telling people about them just randomly-
KuroHasu: -He smiles friendly again, happy to hear she likes it here- "Youre very welcome, thank you for joining ^^" -He turns back to the guy as he listens to his story- "A grandson of natsu dragneel huh? I've heard of a few Fairy Tail members before yes. Hope your journey went well? Thank for choosing Dragon Tail to join. I'm glad i have you two as my members already." -he hands both another drink as he concentrates again on giving him the mark- "There you go, Welcome to Dragon Tail as well."
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She can't help but to wiggle on the barstool as she is officially a member of the guild now and happily twirls around forgetting for a moment where she is and falls of the chair of dizzyness. Giggling she climbs back up the barstool and takes the second drink thanking the guild master again. Suddenly she seems to remember something- "Ow I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Phoebe Scarlet and I came from a village nearby so i didn't have to travel that far."
HydraOnyxDrakin: -thenk jou and as he tells the guildmaster mij journy 2 here was fine came a cros dome bandits wannit two rob me i fried dere ass'ss and walkd on two here as he takes the drinkas he just looks away 2 the girl and sais chairs as he smiles looks back the the guildmaster and sias chears 2 you 2 sir as he drinks his drink and asks the guild master do you have some food for me im starving i havend had a decend meal for days im willing 2 pay you for it as wel as he takes a noder sip of his drink he smils and awates his anser-
KuroHasu: -he cuckles a bit as he noticed her falling off the barstool. Then he smiled friendly again as she sits down again, drinking his drink with them- "Nice to meet you Phoebe, Your last name sounds very familiar. I hope everything went well on your short travel? My name is Kuro Hasu by the way."
KuroHasu: chuckles*
KuroHasu: -He turns back to him again as he hears his story.- "well im glad your all good though. And of course you can. Phoebe would you like something to eat as well?" -he starts making some sandwiches and soup, then hands some to him as he's done- "And your name is?"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She squeezes her eyes and blushes a little as she hears him chuckle being a little ashamed of her falling off the barstool. Then she opens her eyes again answering- "It is very nice to meet you too Kuro Hasu. Can I call you Kuro or Mr Hasu?
KuroHasu: -he smiles friendly again after giving the other member some food.- "you can call me Kuro, Anything is fine really"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -my name is hydradragoneel verry nice meed you as he turns two the lady and what is ure name miss ? as he smiles two her as he sees the foor in front of him he ses itikimasu O_O as he begins 2 eat as he haded a good meal for days as he sais 2 the guild master somegood cooking you can do mister as he hears some one enter the bilding you master uwe have company-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -wanders into the guild hall looking around. She notices the people at the bar but she is hesitating to walk over. She bites her bottom lip. Maybe it wasn't a smart idea to walk into a strange guild..-
KuroHasu: -He laughs a bit a he compliments the food- "Well thanks Hydra, Nice to meet you too by the way. I hope you'll enjoy it here" -Then he noticed someone else's arrival and he wonders if that will be a new member-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She sees a woman walk in the guild and turns around watching her tilting her head a little to her head to her shoulder trying to examen the newcommer-
KuroHasu: -He turns to the newcommer as he wonders who it is and if she might want to join. So he walks to her as he welcomes her- "Welcome, Can i help you with something?" -He asked with a friendly tone in his voice-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Sif feels watched as she stands on the spot, pondering. Since the events in Edolas she hasn't met any other mages and she is still cautious. When the guildmaster approaches, she jumps out of her thoughts- "I uh... My name is Sif Greenleaf. I'm... not from around here and I was wondering if I could get some info on magic Guilds" -Her voice drops and she looks at the floor-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -wel she smells nice so she aint a trubbel maker kuro thats what i ken tell jou and im proude 2 be a mem of thiss splendid guild as he burps as he still is looking two the miss as she stil not had a anser on hiss quiston as he orders nother drink at the barr he sees the newcommer enter the guild as he sees the person is gatting closer and he cant still figure out of its a male ore famel as he keeps w8ting her arivel at the bar he smiles as he dont know what is going 2 happen he stays alert for it could be an enimmy as he glairs don on the new commer and then turns back the miss on his right as he still keeps an eye out on the new commer -
KuroHasu: -He smiles friendly at her as he hears what she had to say. He couldnt help but notice she seems to be cautious and nervous- "Well, of course you can. What would you like to know? Feel free to come sit with the others. This guild just started and has two members you see here now, but feel free to ask anything you like"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She looks from the guildmaster to the people at the bar and back. For the first time in almost two years, she sees what appear to be friendly mages. She tries to prevent her bottom lip from trembling as she nods and slowly walks over to the bar-
KuroHasu: -He walks with her to the bar and gives Hdra what he ordered.- "Anyone something else to eat or drink?"-Then he turns to Sif with a friendly look his face- "What would you like to ask? And would you like to join?"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she heard the woman talk and immediately got a slight idea of what she was talking about remembering the stories of her grandparents. She sqinces her eyes a little trying to get a better look on her and she is surprised to see that the woman isnt very much at easy even less then she herself was when she entered. She stands up from the barstool slowly walking toward the new woman. She tilts her head to her shoulder a little trying to examen the woman more to figure out who or what she is. She reaches her hand out and looks back normaly again at her smiling friendly- "Haiia, my name is Phoebe.
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he grabs his drink and leans back hee looks 2 the newcommer he waves as he sees her long brown hair her long black boots as he sees she has someting on her back he cant make out what it is as he olso sees a sort of tiara on her haid as he intoduises him self haia im hydradragoneel as he asks the guildmaster for a nother drink and give the 2 ladys some 2 my treat and take some your self 2 as he awates the newcommers rection the olmost falls a sleep and flas of the bar chair dannit as he stands up he takes hiss seat at the barr again he would smile softly and is happy he is herein the guild in stad of under the poeple as he olmost dezes off again and yawns-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She looks at the woman extending her hand and starts to get curious. Slowly, she shakes it- "hello Phoebe, My name is Sif". -She turns to the guildmaster, while fumbling with her headband- "Umm... I might want to join.. if you could get my some information about a Dark guild...."
Guest_Greenleaf102: -hesitant, she accepts the drink from the man named Hydra. She sees the scarf around his neck and wonders... no.. that can't be- "Hello Hydra, I'm Sif"
KuroHasu: -He laughs as hydra falls and turns to Sif after giving everyone their drinks. He gets a little bit shocked after hearing her question but then gets himself back together quickly.- "well eh.. do you have any name? Of that guild? I'd like to help as much as i can, but i'd have to do research then since i dont know any dark guilds at the moment. My name is Kuro Hasu by the way, Nice meeting you. -He smiled friendy again-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she grins a little as she notices that the man behind her likes to drink, she pulls her dagger which has a chain on it and throws it in the direction of the man, it flies just beside his head and right before it burries the tip in the bar she pulls it back pushing it back in the sheet. She grins cheekily at the new woman and chuckles a bit of joy- XD
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Sif answers the smile of the guildmaster by briefly smiling back. She ponders her options.. how much could she say? He appears to be genuinely caring. She decides to take her chances- "The problem is... I do not remember the name... it has been erased from my memory by a spell. A spell I can't remember the name of either... But I might have one lead.." -Taking her headband of her head, she clutches her hands around the lacrima embedded in it tightly- "Is there any information about a Dark Guild that attacked a village in Edolas two years ago?" -she notices a single tear falling down her cheek and furiously swipes it away, hoping no one has seen it-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She looks back at Sif and did notice the tear falling down her cheek and reaches in her back pocket taking a little white piece of fabric out of it with her family symbol on it handing it to her while she looks at her with a worried look. Her look also falling on the lacrima in the headband. She likes the stone and yet again she seems to remember something about it but she can't yet place it-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -hai sif as he notches she is stairing as his skarf as he grabs his drink and drinks it as he sees a dagger comming his way be for she can pull it back he alreddy has the dagger stopt cand clampt between 2 fingers as he glairs 2 phoebe whats up if wanna 2 talk two me jou and alwse ask it in stad of trowing a daggertwo my face as he lets gp of the dagger that was trown at him by phoebe he would ask the uuigld master do you have and aira for training 3 be done i need 2 do me moring rutine 2 morro wen i wake up so as he smiles 2 the guild master as he stands up and go's lookin around the guild he sees some cool dragon stuetes and some nice shild and swords on the walls he walks on as he he sees a nice coutch and walks back 2 the bar and takes hhis seat back as he smils ish a nice place you have here kuro as he looks 2 the sealing wile drinking his drink a he hairs sif ask about a dark guild as he asks sif if he could see it as he may be able hte get a sent of it as h tells sif im a fire dragonslayer meby i ken help jou ?-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she raises her eyebrows as she looks at Hydra and shakes her head again as she figures that he doesnt have much humor. She turns her back again to the guy looking at Sif and the lacrima thinking if she ever saw something like that before-
KuroHasu: -His face turns serious all of a sudden after hearing what the problem is. He couldnt help but notice she gets emotional so he awnsers to her quickly- "Well i.. i noticed you have a lacrima in you headband. It might be able to give some information. Also i can do research on spells to find a way to restore your memory loss and disspell it. You're from edolas then? I'll try and search through books of it as well." -He turns his head to hydra a bit after hearing his question- "Yes i have an island where only members of Dragn Tail can go to. Anyone that's not a member will not be able to find it" -He turns back to Sif as he waits for her reply-
KuroHasu: Dragon*
Guest_Greenleaf102: -she clamps her headband so tightly her knuckles turn white. She notices Phoebe handing her a piece of fabric. She takes it and looks at the family crest on it. She gets a strange feeling of recognision. She looks back at the guildmaster. "If I give you my lacrima, can you guarantee that I will get it back in one piece? Since you know I'm from Edolas, I trust you know that without it, I am not able to use my magic?" -after a brief moment of hesitation, she hands her headband to the man- "If you don't mind, I'd like to join Dragon Tail..." -Her voice cracks-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -she turns to Hydra- "A Dragon Slayer huh? I remember stories my parents use to tell me about a Dragonslayer that once came to Edolas.. He had a scarf like that and he had a terrible motion sickness" -she can't help but snicker a bit- "You don't possibly know that one, do you?"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Finally she turns to Phoebe, giving back her fabric- "Thank you. Where did you get that crest? It looks familliar"
KuroHasu: -He looks at Sif as he awnsers her questions- "I'll first do research with books so you can keep the headband on. I wouldnt want you to be magicless for such long time. But to awnser, yes it will stay in one piece. Of course i wouldnt mind to let you join. What kind of magic do you use?" -He smiles friendly and then starts to concentraten, granding her the guild mark.- "There you go, welcome to Dragon Tail, Sif"
HydraOnyxDrakin: - as he turns 2 sif and asks her dit you perrens tell you a neme of thiss dragon slayer becouse my grandfather al wese tolld me storys about his yunger days and he mesion menny times he was in edolas once -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She keeps watching Sif and smiles friendly as she takes the fabric back putting it back in her pocket. She looks at her feet for a moment as she says that is the crest of her family. She smiles again friendly then goes back to her barstool sitting down overthinking a few thinks about what she can and can't say-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She can't help but shiver a bit when she receives the guildmark. There she is.. once vowing never to enter a guild, and still she gets a good feeling about this. This might have been the right choice after all- "I'm a Take-Over Magic user"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -she looks at Hydra- "I can't really remember his name, my memories are a bit foggy.. I do know that he had an annoying talking Neko with him" -suddenly, her stomach growls-
KuroHasu: -he noticed she's new to this so he decides to try and make her feel as home as possible- "Take-over magic? Interesting.. You have any more questions by the way?" -He grabs some tea for himself and asks if anyone would like anything to drink-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She looks up and shakes her head but thanks for the offer. She thinks a bit more about if she can trust the two others thinking about what she can and can not tell about herself as she doesnt wish to ruin anyhing-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She looks at the guild master and can't help but smile. If other questions pop up, she will ask them- "My only question for now is, if I could have a bowl of soup..." -she blushes-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -was it a blue neko as he asks sif?-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She looks back at Hydra- "Yes, if I recall that right"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -by anny chance was the nakos name happy ?-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She looks at Phoebe, who appears to be deep in thoughts- "Sorry if I offended you"
KuroHasu: -he laughs a little as he prepares a bowl of soup for Sif and hands it to her with a smile. Then he walks to Phoebe wondering why she's so deep into her thoughts- "Anything on your mind Phoebe? "
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She turns to Hydra once again- "I don't know. It could be"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as far i know your perrends have meet my grandfather natsu dragoneel from fairy tail-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She stays quiet for a few minutes while enjoying her soup-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She looks up from her thoughts noticing that Kuro and Sif saw her sinking into her thoughts. First she appologised to Sif for giving her the idea that she was offended and reinsures her that she didnt offend her in any way and smiles friendly. Then she looks up at Kuro still smiling friendly and she nods looking away a little but ensures him that its nothing really important-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra orders a new drink he stays quitely on the bar as he still is a little tiered from his journy -
KuroHasu: -He wonders if Phoebe is okay but trusts her if she says it nothing important. He also tells her she can always talk to me one on one if she's want to. Then he turns to hydra and hands him his drink. After that he turns around and walks into his little office. He puts the newly added members in the database with the door open so he can hear when they need something.-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Sif takes out her flute from Edolas wood and starts to play a tune-
KuroHasu: -He notices that someone is playing flute while he's in his office-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She nods and keeps smiling brightly feeling more and more at home thanking him so very much as she feels like she can maybe share her story if it all becomes to much. She folds her hands back on her lap closing her eyes again for a moment. Again another question pops up- "Is there also a training room here just to blow off steam?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra pikes up the tune he enjoys the tune vairy mutch as he finely font hiss home and guild and thinks grendpa you can be proude of me as he closses his eyes and smiles ^.^-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -While playing, Sif listens to the question Phoebe is asking. She wonders if she could train with these people-
KuroHasu: -He stands up after hearing Phoebe her question. Then noticed Sif was the one playing flute and turns to Phoebe.- "There isn't right now but im working on a work out spot. Untill then and after its always possible to enter the island to train."
Guest_Greenleaf102: -while playing, Sif doesn't notice her thoughts of Edolas make the tears streaming down her face-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She nods as she hears Kuro's answer and smiles again as she feels better by the minute tapping her heels against eachother a little- :3
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra stands up i have an i dea hou about lil spar 2 get 2 know ech other ? -
Guest_Greenleaf102: -abrubtly stops playing, wipes her tears and looks at Hydra-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -Phoebe raises her eyebrows as she hears the word spar and sits up a little- "What you have in mind?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he saids wel we all have a sort of battle royale
KuroHasu: -He hears hydra's question- "That's possible but please leave the furniture in tact?" -He laughs a bit as he walks away from behind the bar, sitting next to them-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Sif looks at the people next to her- "Fighting... INSIDE the guildhall? Are you people barking mad?"
KuroHasu: -he laughs as he looks at sif- "i have a secret room beneath the guild wich can be used. I will suprvise this though"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -looks around, wondering where she is now-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -looks 2 sif and ses your in the belly of the dragon O_O you have bin eaten bye it O_O-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -scratsches her head. that Hydra sure likes his jokes-
Guest_Greenleaf102: "Soo... who's gonna fight?"
KuroHasu: "it will be Phoebe vs Hydra"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -nods- "Alright, let's see who's the better warrior"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -wel ladys 1st
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she grins as she hears who is fighting who and stands back up from the couch she went to sit down on- I got training from the best so that shouldnt be much of a problem. -Though she hopes that her skills will be enough -
KuroHasu: -Nods while he's excited to see his new members in action-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Sif goes to sit at the front of her seat. She is finally forgetting her nerves and cautiousness and is getting excited to see the others fight-
KuroHasu: -As soon as the two are on the battle field a unbreakable window comes up from the floor so the people who watch are safe, but the guildmaster can jump in if needed-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra puts up his hand as sighn of respect 2 wards phoebe -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she watches her opponent as she holds her swords ready raising her eyebrows, she lowers her swords again and closes her eyes relaying on her hearing abillity as she was taught-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -sees a magical barrier rise and softly whistles- "Nice one, Master" -she ephasizes the word "Master" out of respect-
KuroHasu: -he looks at sif after hearing her call him master- "Thanks you Sif. Wouldnt want anyone to get hurt while watching. :3"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She grins at the master- "No.. that wouldn't be a good idea at all xD"
KuroHasu: -He grins back at her as he's already starting to like his members- "Let's see what they have in store xD"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -nods and turns her attention to the battle field-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she grins as she stays focussed and says gracefully- well i am still waiting
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she sighs as she doesnt notice anything happening and decides to make a bold move. She opens her eyes, steps forward aiming her dual swords at him-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -not the handshaking type hea oke wel ashe takes some steps back from the swords he starts running 2 wards phoebe and right before he is in frond of her he zigzags past her as he starts makeing running in cerekls around her as he is @ the right speet he puts his arms on fire as he keeps running in cerkels he comes closer and closer meaning with the speed he is @ making it a flame cerkel dat draws neer if it his it can do huge dammige 2 phoebe-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she sighs and closes her eyes again putting her swords back in their sheets closes her eyes again and requips as she needs to be very flexable for this kind of battle-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -not the handshaking type hea oke wel ashe takes some steps back from the swords he starts running 2 wards phoebe and right before he is in frond of her he zigzags past her as he starts makeing running in cerekls around her as he is @ the right speet he puts his arms on fire as he keeps running in cerkels he comes closer and closer meaning with the speed he is @ making it a flame cerkel dat draws neer if it his it can do huge dammige 2 phoebe-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she sighs and closes her eyes again putting her swords back in their sheets closes her eyes again and requips as she needs to be very flexable for this kind of battle-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -notices Phoebe changes armor and can't help herself getting exited- "Requip magic! I only read about that, but never thought to see it with my own eyes!"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she hears Sif get exited over her magic and she smiles a little as it makes her happy that someone becomes happy of the magic she herself is soo proud of-
KuroHasu: -He watches phoebe do her requip as he is impressed how much she has learned so far, wondering what more she can do-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -leans even more forward, waiting to see what will happen-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra sees she uses requip magic as hydra draws closer and closer wen he is ad good range he 2 worts her as he takes a deep breth he lets go half power a roar of the fire dragon one afrer and other as he stops running he jumps up he lets go a full powerd roar of the fire dragon lose from above as the lil ones olide with the big one giveing it a biger boost as he lands behind her and w8ts ill its hits -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she looks at the fire, rolls her eyes and takes a few steps aside. She barely missed his attack but she got away from it without even a scratsh and bends her body away from the heat looking at him with a look which would say "is that really all you got? You really think you can hit me like this?"-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -is glad to sit behind a barrier-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra takes some backflips back standing back in fond of phoebe ure and sais ure not half that bad miss as he awaits her move -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she grins and jumps up turning around in the air and lands on his back putting her knees to his back holding her hands to his shoulders as she calls in joy- "giiiiiideeeuup yaaahaaa"XD
Guest_Greenleaf102: -falls off of the couch laughing-
KuroHasu: -He laughs as he keeps watching them-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra sees phoebe come he lets her clamp on 2 him and sais u fell for it as he puts his face down he lets lose a roar of the fire dragon on 2 the grond with the power he flys up 2 the sealing as h waith his back 2 were phoebe hits the sealing with mutch power as he stopt the roar trun bij spinning i n mid air with with down he lets go a nother roar thisst time 2 the sealing and blasts of 2 grond and crashes in 2 it as he stands up as he runs 2 the wal wall in frond of him right befor he hits it him self he ter his back in it baling phoebe in the wal -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -her back gets hit to the ceiling and feels a sharp pain in her back, but before he can grab on to her she puts her heels to the ceiling and pushes herself off still feeling the sharp pain she is almost to late to turn herself around again and catches herself on her feet, yet sinking trough one knee she calls forth her daggers and throws them at him with pressision seeint them pierce trough the fabric of his clothes missing his skin just by a little hoping they will pin him to the wall-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra sees the blades come he lets lose a roar of the fire dragon 2 blok the daggers he menges 2 stop cople of them te rest hit his boddy one landid in his chest one in his left arm and one inhis right leg as he takes dem out one bye one as he jumps up and trows back the dagers that she trow @him land be hind her and starts runing wile as he lets go a wingslash of trhe fire dragon -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she dodges her daggers and the wingslash just by an inch but she feels she is getting exhausted and calls her daggers back toward her throwing them again at his leggs she stops running and lands on her hands and feet squatting down concentrating on her opponent's movements resting her hands flat to the floor-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra sees the dregers come he jumps up fast 2 dodge dem while in the air he hits the sealing as he sets of at the sealing he holds his arms in a crost posion as he nears phoebe he lights hi s arms on fire Xwing slash of the fire dragon -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she tries to dodge but is to exhausted to dodge and gets full blast. With massive speed she gets blown back and hits her back against the wall, she tries to get back up but feels that she doesnt have much energy left and sinks back to the ground-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as he stants up as the last atk drawn out his last power as he stants up and walks 2 phoebe and ashe picks her up as he sais 2 her that was a good battle you an have a rematch wen ever you want as he walks up 2 he guild master and sif half torn and with mutch blood -
HydraOnyxDrakin: -dnm dose dagers are sharp o.o
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she opens one eye and chuckles- you bet they are XD
KuroHasu: -the screen lowers again at Kuro's sign as he stands up and nods the sparring onces to come closer- "let me help out a bit for threatment. I can heal"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -is silently watching-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -tnx master kuroas he colepses -
KuroHasu: -he kneels down as his hands glow the dark sky magic colour it has and starts healing his wounds. Then looks up at Phoebe.- "can you walk? or should i come to you next?"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she slowly stands back up as she smiles slightly holding her hand to her back- "i will be okay but thank you." -Then she sinks trough both her knees as she curses a little to the floor and mumbles- "well maybe a little then." XD
HydraOnyxDrakin: do her 1st master-
KuroHasu: -He chuckles about the fact she's so stubborn and it reminds him of his brother. After that he's done with hydra so he walks to Phoebe, starting the heal her legs first and then her other wounds- "see? isnt that way better? xD"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -he stants up and says 2 phoebe that was a hell of a fight -
Guest_Greenleaf102: -Sif watches what happens in front of her. She has witnessed dragonslayer magic, requip magic and now godslayer magic. This could be a brew of chaos if combined together. She can't wait to see what'll happen-
KuroHasu: -He smiles back at her as he walks back a tear runs down his cheek cause of the thoughts about his brother but wipes it away very quickly so no one might have noticed- "So.. anyone up for some fun and drinks? ;)"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -she thinks she saw something but thinks she migh have imagined things- "yeah, I'll have a drink"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she nods jumping up and down a little as she found her energy back and says with joy in her voice- "lets do that again some other time, it was fun" -Then watches the master turn away with of what she thought was a tear but she wasnt very sure. A little doubtfull she closes her eyes changing back to more normal clothing-
KuroHasu: -He smiles again at them and walks up stairs to prepare some drinks and then walks to install the microphone at the stage just in case- "Well then.. lets go ;)"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -As she refound her energy she gets a little bouncy and bounces towards the stairs climbing up quickly like a kitten as light feeted aswell-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -thinks a minute bout her clothing, shakes her head and changes again-
KuroHasu: -He secretly gives her temporary more speed with the support part of his magic and chuckles-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -sits down and watches Phoebe struggling with what to wear-
Guest_Greenleaf102: "that awesome magic and still trouble getting dressed?" -she grins at Phoebe-
KuroHasu: -He gets the drinks from behind the bar and hands them to them. Sits down with them as he laughs about Sif her comment-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she grins at the others as she giggles a little- "Well just a little, I have way to many clothes and every day is a pain to choose what to wear. yet still I am done dressing up first"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -takes a sip of her drink and laughs at phoebe's comment about still being the first to be finished dressin up-
Guest_Greenleaf102: "Well it depends what kind of dressing up I guess" -she smiles- "If it comest to change your entire appearance, I juuuuuust might be a bit faster xD But then again, you would probably still have a cooler wardrobe"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -She winks at Phoebe-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -as hydra asks the kuro you got anny good scotch laying around here ?
KuroHasu: -he sips his drink as well as he thinks of how glad he is that there are finally members so he decides to cheer on them- "Cheers! On the first and great members of Dragon Tail" ^^
KuroHasu: -he turns to hydra- "sure let me get it. I got a big selection" -kuro walks to the bar as he grabs a bottle and returns to them giving it to hydra-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -hesitates for a second, then lifts her glass-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she takes a sip of her drink and looks around if there are any pillows then hears their master and nods- "Cheers to that. That we may become whatever we want to be"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -oe that one O_O havend hat that one for a while nou O_O-
HydraOnyxDrakin: points 2 the left one -
KuroHasu: _kuro hands him the bottle- "There ya go haha"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -looks again around the room if there are any pillows laying around and grins a little by the thought of it-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -points @ coutch XD -
HydraOnyxDrakin: drinks some schotch -
Guest_Greenleaf102: -sees phoebe look at the pillows and smile- "You've got to be kidding me"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she looks back at Sif as she grins asking innocently- "whuuuuut?"
Guest_Greenleaf102: -facepalms-
KuroHasu: -He laughs watching them while sipping his drink-
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she jumps up as she actually goes looking for the pillows-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -sees it as her cue to go for a looooong walk-
Guest_Greenleaf102: -grabs her gear, wishes everyone goodnight and leaves the guildhall while playing her flute-
Guest_Greenleaf102 has left the chat

KuroHasu: -he wishes her goodnight as well. Then turns to Phoebe- "Looking for a pillow? on the couch haha"
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she looks up at the couch and grins widely- "oew thanks for the tip" -Quickly she turns to the couch takes a pillow and throws it at Hydra as she herself quickly hides behind the pillars-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -opens up and eats it XD -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -she stands behind the pillars but can hear well enough what he does with the pillow and puts up big eyes staying in hiding behind the pillars-
KuroHasu: -He chuckles as he stands up and walks to the S-class room since he decided to start some research on what Sif asked. But before he goes researching he gives Phoebe ad Hydra the power of speed temporarily with the support magic-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -walks 2 other coutch behind him as he coughs up fethers as grabs one pillo and trows it back wile she ish looking from tbehind the piller -
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -suddenly she yawns a bit as she comes out of her hidingplace behind the pillars walking towards the tables saying while yawning- "I'm getting a little tired, I think I will head off to bed now. But I had alot of fun today and I am looking forward to tomorrow"
HydraOnyxDrakin: - mee 2 phoebe san ^.^
KuroHasu: -He hears phoebe saying she goes to bed as he puts his research down a bit and walks to her- "Im glad you enjoyed yourself here. Your room should be ready so you can go to bed right when you want to. If you need anything i'm staying here too so feel free to knock on my door. Goodnight and i'll see you tomorrow" ^^
xPhoebeDrOnyx: -She smiles brightly as she watches him come back from the s- class room and nods- "Thank you very much for everything and I will. A very good night and sweet dreams to you too master Kuro and see you tomorrow" ^.^
xPhoebeDrOnyx: "Hydra are you also going to sleep?"
KuroHasu: -He smiles back at her and waits for a response from hydra before he walks back for a bit more research before bed-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -na il think il stay up and kep you some comapy kuro san ^.^-
KuroHasu: "Okay then, How did you have it today ? Like it here?" -He sits down with hydra as he decides the research can wait till tomorrow when Sif is back-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -i sure do kuro san wel can jou tell me lil more about ure self and why you opent the guild ^.^-?
KuroHasu: "well my past is a very long story actually. But what would you like to know about me? I started the guild 'cause of my past, i wanted to give people a place to make friends, respect each other, have fun, do jobs and most of all.. a home for those who dont have anywhere to go."

HydraOnyxDrakin: -wel you dont hear that mutch often kuro san -
KuroHasu: "Thats true. I see the guild as they get to know each other better as a family. Maybe not by blood but you know what i mean right?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -yeah i know famely ish one in portent thing its bye blood ore not -
KuroHasu: "Exactly, well.. to me it is since.." -He swallows once since he never used to talk about his past- ".. I saw my real parents and brother die in front of my eyes"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -im sorry 2 hear that kuro san my condolenses i know its late but still - KuroHasu: "Thank you Hydra. So what else would you like to know?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -wel dere is one thing after you perrends die have you bin raid bye a dragon my granddad told me about igneel and jou heald ure are you infact traind bye gardine the skydragon ?o.o -
KuroHasu: "well after my parents died, a sky god found me and he started to raise me and he taught me sky god slayer magic. As you could see when i was healing the colour of my magic is darker then sky magic. I still wonder what has happened to him though cause he suddently vanished"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -wel my granddad hat the same with igneel O_O -
KuroHasu: "hmm.. he did? strange.. i still hope to find out what happened.. Di your granddad ever find out what happened to Igneel?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -noo he told me wen he some day woke up he was gone and and never seen him again
KuroHasu: "thats odd.. the same thing happened with me"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -after my geranddad traind me he told me the tail of his dragon ever since he isserching for him -
KuroHasu: "That must have been interesting, So you learned your magic from him?"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -yeah i dit after i was born my dad in hart my grandma's powers so he could not learn my grand dad magic so he made a deal with him his 1st born wil in herd is magic and so im here -
KuroHasu: "I see, well the both of you did very well in the spar. Can see you two are strong mages ^^"
HydraOnyxDrakin: -thanx kuro cant i hae it all tenx 2 my grnad dad
KuroHasu: -He yawns a bit as he stands up- "Im tired as well so lets call it a night. Feel free to grab an other drink. Your room is ready so you could go to bed as well. If you need something just knock on my door and ill come. " -He walks off to his room-
HydraOnyxDrakin: -good idea kuro san as he walks 2 hiss as wel -

~End of RP session 1~