Character InfoEdit

Name: Kuro Hasu

Age: 28

Type of magic: Sky God Slayer

Team: None

My Class: The First Guild Master

My Past:  When Kuro Hasu was a child, he lived in a city called "Moralia" with his parents and older brother. At the age of 12 the village got attacked by a giant monster called "Wordeamor". Wordeamor destroyed the whole city in his attack on that day. Every mage in the city fought against the gigantic beast, including Kuro's parents and brother. During the attack Kuro couldnt keep running away while his parents and brother were fighting for their and his life. So he headed back to them, willing to do whatever he could without having learned magic yet. When he arrived he saw mages of the city die all around him wich made him fear the worst, the death of his parents and his brother. Kuro ran as fast as he could, searching for them. But when he finally found them he saw the gigantic beast slam his brother to his death. shocked of what he saw and with tears in his eyes he ran to his brother's body, holding it closely against him while crying. Meanwhile his parents noticed him and did their best to protect him from getting hurt. But even they didn't have a chance against Wordeamor and died in the attack right in front of kuro's eyes. After seeing his brother and parents die Kuro ran away as fast as he could to escape, but got hit by a piece of rock from a crushing building and passd out. When he woke up the monster was long gone. He looked around him and it seemed like he was the only survivor of the city. He cried while sitting in th ruins of the city that once was called "Moralia". A day later a strange looking man came by and found Kuro in the ruins. He took him under his wing and took care of him. His name was Amneel, he
was the sky god. As soon as Kuro felt better, Amneel started teaching him Sky God Slayer Magic. Kuro had great potential wich he saw in him. At the age of 23 the sky god strangely disappeared without a trace. Kuro started a journey to find out what happened to Amneel. The journey took 5 years. Sadly enough Kuro never found out what happened to the sky god Amneel. Arrived at a great city he bought a house and decided to start a guild. The guild called "Dragon Tail". To give children, men and women a place to be when they have nowhere to go, or want jobs, or friends, anything.