Character InfoEdit

Name: Hydra Dragneel

Age: 24

Type of magic: Fire Dragon Slayer

Team: None Yet

My Class: Average

My Past: Hydra had quite a special yought. He wasn't like all the others in his village. It's true that there weren't many wizards there but he was also a dragonslayer. The powers that he got, he didn't inherit directly from his parents. His mother was a celestial wizard, his father was just a normal human. Both of his parents, Kaylee and Collin, both worked in their own restaurant. Cooking and the knowledge of the alcoholic liquids ws their specialty. No, Hydra didn't get his powers from them. He got his powers from his grandfather, Natsu Dragneel, a member of the famous guild Fairy Tail. His grandmother, Lucy Heartfilia, was also a member of that guild. Natsu was very happy to see that little Hydra possesed the mighty flame of the dragon. Even when baby Hydra had the hick- ups, little flames would come from his mouth. Of course Natsu wanted to train his grandson as soon as possible, but his daughter Kaylee tolled him fermly that she would only allow the training from when Hydra would be 12 years old and under one more condition. Lucy had to be watching all the training sessions to step in if Natsu would go to far. He agreed to it as he knew that discussing the issue with his daughter would have been impossible. So young Hydra got his training from his 12th birthday. 

Hydra was always very proud of his grandfather especially of his strength. Yet one day he saw a weakness of him, which he never knew. Natsu had tried to hide the story from his grandson as he didn't want to burden him with it. Now that the 16 year old Hydra had seen his grandfather's tear he couln't get out of it anymore. He sat down with him and tolled him about Igneel, the dragon he saw as his father and mentor. Igneel always was his home and his safety. Everything he knew he learned from him. But one day Igneel was gone, he was all alone. Fairy Tail became his home later on, but he never stopped looking for Igneel. He never lost hope of seeing him again. Hydra saw that his grandfather had it difficult to stay strong. Hydra jumped up and made a promise to him. He wanted to take over his grandfather's quest to find Igneel. Natsu ditn't want to hear about it at first, as he didn't want to burden Hydra with his problem. Hydra was determent to do this for his grandfather so finally Natsu had to admit to Hydra's wish. This made him even more proud of his grandson. 

When Hydra was 22 years old, he started his journey to find the magnificent dragon. What paths would he be walking or twists and turns in his life? But he never forgot his goal. Finding Igneel!