Creating your characterEdit

Some of the things of creating your character are already explained at 'Biographies' but everything you need to know is on here. First of all.. you need to go to shop and make yourself a RP Look for your character. Once you are finished and have the stuff in your inventory, you make a picture of your look with the Camera Tool. Next, you go here to the wiki and make your characters bio. Things that should be on it can be found at the "Biographies" page and the character sheet can also be found there. Once making a page (described under here how to) upload the picture you made of your character on the right side of it. When you're finished, ask the guild master for review.

Contribute/Add a Page - This contribute button is commonly located below your username at the top right corner of the wikia page. Clicking on it will lower it down to a list of options to choice from. For uploading rp, it is the 'Add a Page' selection. From there you would pick 'Standard Layout' (Wikia has that selection already picked as the default) and add a RP title page. That Title should be the name of your character with Bio in it. (like: Bio (name).)