Biographies InfoEdit

Here we will describe what info you should put in your character info/biographies. Read this paragraph with full attention cause incomplete bio's will have to be changed. First of all: You need to write your characters background story, His of Her past. Try to make it detailed. Also you need to add things in your bio as Name, Age, Type of magic, A picture of your characters look (snapshot from imvu). Your Class, Average for when youre beginner or not an S-Class mage and S-Class when your character is acknowleged as an S-Class mage by the Guild Master. Also add in wich team you are. With names of the people that are in your team to go on missions/jobs.

How to add your biographies:

Contribute/Add a Page - This contribute button is commonly located below your username at the top right corner of the wikia page. Clicking on it will lower it down to a list of options to choice from. For uploading rp, it is the 'Add a Page' selection. From there you would pick 'Standard Layout' (Wikia has that selection already picked as the default) and add a RP title page. That Title should be the name of your character with Bio in it. (like: Bio (name).)

Example of a bio sheet:



Type of magic:


My Past:

My Class:

( Picture of your looks will be added in the picture space on the right side when adding)