::Dragon Tail's Ina (Inabaikari) Bio::

Name: Inabaikari ((Goes by Ina))

Age:  9

Type of magic: Lighting, and Empathy

Team: No team currently

My Past: Ina was practically an infant when she was abandoned by her parents in a horrible thunder storm, and with thunder comes lighting. Ever since then she had been alone, well aside from a presence she always felt with her, she sometimes thought of the presence taking the form of a rather large yellow bird spouting sparks. This she called sparky, despite it never really talking out loud, it spoke to her in her mind. This was her parent as far as she new, it saved her life and took her in, cared for her and helped her grow stronger, and it was all she had and wanted untill she stumbled upon a recently built guild. Dragon's Tail. She had heard of a great guild called Fariy Tail and thought it was an off branch of it. She loved that though and so when she stumbled upon the building when she heard a rucus coming from it, she asked to join, and the master gracefully took her in and gave her their mark. And so starts Ina's next chapter in life.

My Class:  Average/Beginner


Hair: Blondeish Yellow, usually in low twintails. Sparks are often seen zapping around those twintails.

Eyes: A deep almost dark yellow, always shinning with energy.

Skin: Pale skin, very fair. If you look closely aroun her wrists and waist/hips you can see faint white bolt shaped markings. The dragon's tail mark is on her side shoulder.

Clothing: vairies from time to time but favors a tank top, baggy pants, soft combat styled boots and a scarf.

Height: 4'7 (shes only 9)

Likes: Candy, Apples, and soft things.....And Kittens.....loves Kittens....

Dislikes: Bigheaded people. Most water Mages. Most veggies....